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New titles added

Anderson, Frank J. Private presswork: a bibliographic approach to printing as an avocation. Cranbury NJ, 1977. Vg. ($15.00)

Bartam, Alan. Making Books: Design in British Publishing since 1945. London, 1999. ($35.00)

Blumenthal, Joseph. Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955 Masterpieces of Typography Through Five Centuries From the Pierpont Morgan Library. 1973. No dj, Good. ($20.00)

Buhler, Curt F. William Caxton and his critics. Syracuse, 1960. Ex Library, good. ($5.00)

Child, Heather. Decorative maps. London, 1956. No dj, Good. ($6.00)

Cleeton, Pitkin. General printing. 2nd Ed. Bloomington IL, 1953. Good. ($45.00)

Collins, P.H. Dictionary of Printing. Middlesex, UK, 1989. Good ($7.50)

De Vinne, Theodore L. Manual of Printing Office Practice. Forest Hills NY, 1978. Good. ($10.00)

[Dover] 1800 woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and his school. New York, 1962. Hardcover. Fair. ($10.00)

Fine Print on Type, The best of fine print magazine. San Francisco, 1989. Paperback. Good. ($30.00)

Flader, Louis, ed. Achievement in Photo-Engraving and Letter-Press Printing, 1927. Vg. ($550.00)

[Gordon, Nelly Kinzie] Story of Chicago in Connection with the Printing Business. Chicago, Regan Printing House, 1912. Hardcover a very good copy in original blue cloth with gilt stamped spine and cover. ($25.00)

Hart, Horace. Bibliotheca Typographica. Rochester, NY. Good ($15.00)

Hunter, Dard. My life with paper: an autobiography. New York, 1958. Dj  chipped. Good. ($25.00)

Kelly, Rob Roy. American wood type: 1828-1900. New York, 1969. Good. Dj torn in several places Slight spine fading. Interior tight and clean. ($225.00)

Lawson, Alexander. Anatomy of a typeface. Boston, 1990. Pb. Good. ($8.00)

McLean, Ruari. How typography happens. London, 2000. Vg. ($20.00)

Olmert, Michael. The Smithsonian book of books. Washington DC, 1992. Vg ($40.00)

Owens, L.T. J.H. Mason 1875–1951 scholar-orinter. London, 1976. Good. ($25.00)

Reed, Talbot Baines. A history of the old english letter foundries. A new edition revised and enlarged by A.F. Johnson. London, 1952. No dj. Fair. ($15.00)

[Rogers] Warde, Frederic. Bruce Rogers designer of books. Cambridge MA, 1926. Ex library. Fair. ($30.00)

Ryder, John. A suite of fleurons. London, 1957. Third impression. Good. ($15.00)

Simon, Oliver. Introduction to typography. Cambridge MA. Nd. Fair. ($20.00)

Simon, Oliver. Printer & playground. London, 1956. Good. ($30.00)

Smeijers, Fred. Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing type now. London, 1996. ($12.00)

Spicher, Craig R. The practice of presswork. Chicago, 1929. Hardcover ($10.00)

Sprague, Elizabeth and Curtiss. How to design monograms. London, 1927. Good ($25.00)

Studley, Vance. The art and craft of handmade paper. New York, 1977. Pb, Good. ($15.00)

Western type book. London, 1960. Good. ($30.00)

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